Habru aviaries make a difference because of their long- lasting character! A result of welding the modules and using a higher quality type of wire mesh than other aviaries. No wonder Habru aviaries took control in the pigeon market.

Habru volieres

Because the composition of the aviaries can be completely adapted to the wishes of the customer, made-to-measure work is guaranteed! This is the reason why Habru aviaries are more and more regarded as a replacement of traditional pigeon lofts.

  • ✔ Very robust, long-lasting and fully lockable; this prevents burglary
  • ✔ Patent-registered and integrated wire mesh in square-type tube system; no rivets and no synthetic corner joints
  • ✔ A wire mesh of 2.05 mm for solid constructions
  • ✔ The aviary is assembled of welded square-type tube elements
  • ✔ Modular system; easy to assemble
  • ✔ The stability offers birds of prey no chance
  • ✔ Developed by fanciers
  • ✔ A special drawing of the construction adjusted to your requirements is included

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